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Poland - Lithuania - Latvia - Estonia Society organizes together several hundred people, from USA through Germany and Sweden to Vilnius, who are fans of kayak wandering in countries surrounding Poland.

The idea of creating the society appeared for the first time in 1995 and got the final shape after the registration in court in 2000. It was already the sixth season of organizing kayak trips named by their participants in 1996 Kayak Eldorado. In that short way they expressed their admiration over contemporary tourist emptiness in Lithuania, natural environment and landscape of this country closely related to Poland both geographically and historically. Unforgettable impressions were left also by cities: surrounded by forests mythical, though then still considerably devastated Vilnius, situated on the Vilia River, or Kaunas situated on the estuary of the Vilia River to the Nemunas River - which are the biggest Lithuanian rivers. Professional preparation and leading of these kayak trips, which had partially exploratory character, were also important factors in shaping the ultimate impression. As time went by, Lithuania was being visited by more and more wanderers, so we started the exploration of other more distant places.

While finishing the story of the origin of our Society, I am obliged to mention, that first kayak trips from the series Kayak Eldorado were organized by the club WKPTK „Retmani”, which in during the last period of the disintegration of Soviet Union started exploring its territory. Several people from „Retmani” became members of Poland-Lithuania-Latvia-Estonia Society.

The key role in the activity of PLLE Society is played by members of two former students’ kayak clubs in Warsaw: one from the Warsaw University of Technology and the second from the Warsaw University. Scattered throughout Poland, Europe and the rest of the world (for example the USA) members of the Society have various interests - there are fans of exploring new rarely visited trails and people keen on spending holidays just in a friendly group, often whole families. PLLE Society does not limit its members in any way and lots of them are active in other local kayak clubs.

We have gathered a considerable amount of tourist as well as logistic knowledge (all explored trails, several thousand kilometers, are accurately and cartographically described) and high quality kayaks which enable us to organize attractive trips without any additional outside support.

Photo galleries, our members’ memories and notes from previous excursions available in the Internet answer the following question - why having so many beautiful kayak trails in Poland we travel so far? Simply, we organize trips to such places that, in comparison to the most alluring kayak trails in Poland, absolutely deserve the name Kayak Eldorado. In 2007 it was 13th issue of the series, and the total number of excursions, out of which many had exploratory character, exceeded one hundred. The greatest impressions were left by expeditions along the trails, which according to local people had never been visited by kayakers before. Untouched environment, riverain meadows and dense forests, allow quiet wanderers to observe numerous wild animals: deer, elks, beavers, otters, eagles and even the king of north-European forests himself – brown bear. In unpolluted rivers and lakes one can notice fresh-water sponges.

Lithuania means not only Druskininkai and Vilnius (or other cities), but also lake districts deserted during summer with outstandingly clean water, existing as one system thanks to the large number of brooks and streams. What is more, it also means extremely beautiful rivers winding their ways in deep valleys, through rapids and morainal hills, as well as enchanting campsites. Old churches, palaces, manors and gardens all around, and what could not be omitted - delicious cuisine sometimes even in small-town restaurants.

In Latvia, apart from Jurmala and Riga, we can see white dolomite and colourful sandstone cliffs with dark holes of caves; the widest waterfall in Europe on the Venta River in Kuldiga; widespread wild meadows with a variety of smelling flowers or herbs and human-height grasses; old dense forests and natural river estuaries to the Baltic Sea. Besides, one can be certainly attracted by grey nights in July as well as by extremely rich folklore, especially vocal one, numerous castles left by the Knights of the Sword Order and palaces of the favourites of Russian empresses and emperors. The picture of Latvia is completed by the gastronomy even better than the Lithuanian one and by the unique attraction for canoeists – a fragment of great rapids on the Daugava River (the main fragment is now under water of three barrier lakes). These rapids were once as famous as the ones on the Dnieper River - presently also flooded.

In Estonia, apart from the enchanting old town in Tallinn, we discover greater variety of landscapes or luxuriant nature - North-European jungle covering, widespread in this country, swamps and river banks. Besides, rocky sea-coast of almost fresh-water Gulf of Finland (with numerous islands, gulfs and peninsulas); rapid rivers and breathtaking waterfalls. Moreover, white nights in July, surprisingly frequent sweltering days and the sky with strangely shaped clouds, moving unbelievably close to the ground - that does leave unforgettable impressions.

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia can provide us with landscapes and experiences far from the ordinary Polish notions connected with these countries. The further we go to the North, the more curiosities and positive surprises we meet.

Starting only with knowledge and limited possibilities, PLLE Society became a significant international kayak club with the seat in Poland. Counting on social commitment (without neither public nor private support) the Society organizes expeditions on quite a big scale, of a good quality, not mentioning even really low expenses.

We kindly invite fans of wandering to join our kayak trips which are organized also in other countries such as the Czech Republic or Ukraine. Members of PLLE Society have travelled to almost all European countries. Our kayaks together with several private ones enable more than 60 people to participate in kayaking at one time. Such an event took place for example in 2006 during a celebration of the ending of kayaking season.

Katarzyna Kramek

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